Monday, 28 March 2016

NUMSS (USA) Board Member Publishes Articles

Congratulation to Italian Physiotherapist & osteopathic manual practitioner, Dr Bruno Bordoni, DPT, DO, who is a member of the board of governors of National University of Medical Sciences (USA) for publishing two scientific articles:

Failed back surgery syndrome: review and new hypotheses


The diaphragm: two physiological muscles in one

Friday, 18 March 2016

Message from the Dean of Applied Clinical Sciences

As both a former student, faculty member and now dean, I can say that our school is among the finest in the world!

Welcome to National University of Medical Sciences (USA). I hope you are all excited to start your academic journey here with us.

I’m tremendously excited to be the new & first dean of the faculty of applied clinical sciences here at NUMSS (USA). I’ve been able to meet with many students in the last few months while teaching visceral techniques of osteopathy, and I’ve learned a lot about the challenges students face and their priorities and goals.

As we start the new semester, I want students to know that I share their commitment to research oriented health education and clinical practice and that I’m looking forward to working with each of you, the future NUMSS (USA) students.

We live in an exciting time. More people live longer than ever before. More patients are living with multiple, chronic, complex conditions. Delivering healthcare to these patients means we need to develop new approaches to clinical care and education.

As teachers we have a responsibility to embrace new ways of educating so our students can lead these exciting changes in healthcare. We need to take advantage of emerging communication technology to deliver outstanding online and on-campus health education. I’m encouraged by the quality and growth of activity in these areas across the Faculty.

Research delivers better health care. Our Faculty here at NUMSS (USA) has a long history of basing their lectures on topics proven through research and of translating this applied knowledge into clinical practice to help patients, and, working together, we can make sure that work continues.

I take pride in our future shaped by NUMSS (USA) leadership in the field of osteopathic manual practice - a future vested in the lives and careers of prospective students just like you. At the core of our mission is a commitment to constantly seek to improve what we do and strive to do our best. I look forward to continuing to promote our mission with you.


Dr Oleg Bagrin, MD, DOMP
Faculty of Applied Clinical Sciences
National University of Medical Sciences (USA)

Osteopathic Researcher Joins NUMSS (USA)

World famous manual osteopathic researcher, physiotherapist & author Dr Bruno Bordoni, DPT, DO (Italy) has joined National University of Medical sciences (USA) as a member of Board of Governors. We welcome this distinguished Italian researcher to NUMSS (USA).

Alumni Work Placement Campaign

We have started a campaign to introduce osteopathic manual practice to franchised clinics as well as multi location health clinics (rehabilitation, medical, chiropractic, massage therapy, and physiotherapy). This would open new work opportunities for our graduates.

We are starting this campaign with Canada, to be followed by USA and other countries.
This is another service to our students that makes them love their Alma Mater so much!

David Gleason, BCom
Student Affairs Director

NUMSS (USA) new teaching assistant

Our new teaching assistant, osteopathic manual practitioner Nicholas Zancai, DOMP.

Osteopathic Manual Practice Public Awareness Campaign

We are sending our graduates to high schools on career days to speak about osteopathic manual practice to high school students.

This is one approach we are taking to spread the word about this profession, and let people know what osteopathic manual practitioners do.

David Gleason, BCom
Student Affairs Director
National University of Medical Sciences (USA)

Message from NUMSS (USA) Registrar

I am pleased to welcome you to the National University of Medical Sciences (USA). We offer you innovative primary & postgraduate health care education, state-of-the-art training in manual & natural health, and cutting-edge basic and translational biomedical education, all made possible by our extraordinary faculty and teaching staff.

Long known for innovations in manual osteopathic education that have consistently placed us in the top manual osteopathic schools in the world for applied, practical, clinically based, primary care education, we are focused on enhancement of primary care training for future health professionals.

Today’s society requires multi-faceted health practitioners, ones who are skilled; excellent communicators; clinical problem solvers; advocates for their clients & patients; knowledgeable in the scientific basis of healthcare; and confident, self-aware professionals. These competencies inform every aspect of curriculum development at NUMSS (USA).

You are coming to this important stage in your professional life at a unique time. As you embark on this career path, I invite you to consider NUMSS (USA) as an equally exciting and rewarding destination for your primary as well as postgraduate training in healthcare.


Desiree Burgos, BBA
National University of Medical Sciences (USA)

First Manual Osteopathic University in USA

For the first time in history, a manual osteopathic university has been registered in the State of Florida (USA).

We are happy to announce that National University of Medical Sciences (USA) has been registered in Florida on March 08, 2016. This is THE FIRST time a university in USA will offer manual osteopathic practice ( no medications, no surgery) program in the US.

We worked hard on this and we keep revolutionizing the profession of osteopathic manual practice.