Thursday, 19 May 2016

PhD in Osteopathic Clinical Sciences

Physical Therapists: become specialized in disability & chronic pain management

A recent research at North Texas University (published in Journal of the American Osteopathic Association) demonstrated that 6 sessions of manual osteopathy (in 6 weeks) done on 500 patients reduced their disability and chronic low back by over 50%!

Manual osteopathy offers a proven, safe and effective treatment system for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Over 25% of osteopathic manual practitioners are physical therapists. 

 By offering manual osteopathic treatments you help your patients recover from chronic pain.

National University of Medical Sciences (USA), based in Naples, Florida offers a four years doctor of philosophy (PhD) program in osteopathic clinical sciences, online or on-campus. Please note this program will not make you an osteopath. We teach European style manual osteopathy, which includes only hands-on treatments, no surgery, no medications. Our graduates cannot call themselves osteopaths in the states as that is a regulated term reserved for osteopathic physicians. We graduate osteopathic manual practitioners.

Physical therapists can enrol in our accelerated PhD program to complete it in 1 year. The full tuition is $7,000 for the online program and $12,000 for the on-campus.

NUMSS (USA) offers seven programs including a postgraduate doctor of physical therapy, a master of science in athletic therapy, a doctor of botanical medicine, a master of business administration, a bachelor of science in osteopathic clinical sciences, a master of science in pedorthics and a bachelor of science in massage therapy.

Our sister schools, National University of Medical Sciences in Spain ( and National Academy of Osteopathy in Canada (www.nationalacademyofosteopathy) offer 33 degree and diploma programs, online or on-campus since 2010.

We are industry accredited by Council on Manual Osteopathy Education, International Board of Certified Athletic Therapists, and a number of other organizations. Our graduates can join American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), and International Osteopathic Association among many other organizations.

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