Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Earn your PhD in Osteopathic Clinical Sciences

PhD (OCS): ONLINE or On-Campus

National University of Medical Sciences (USA), based in Naples, Florida is the first and only American university offering programs in osteopathic manual practice. We offer eight online &/or on-campus degree programs including a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in osteopathic clinical sciences, bachelor of science in massage therapy, postgraduate doctor of physical therapy, doctor of botanical medicine, master of science in athletic therapy, master of science in pedorthics, bachelor of science in osteopathic manual practice, and master of business administration.

The PhD (OCS) is 4 years for category 1 students without health background. For category 2 students with prior health education such as massage therapists, acupuncturists & kinesiologists it is 2 years and for doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors & physiotherapists it is 1 year.

Prerequisite is having a master’s degree (in any field). Those students who do not have a master’s degree may enrol in any one of our dual (such as MBA/PhD or MSc/PhD) or triple (such as BSc, MBA, PhD, or BSc/MSc/PhD) degrees to complete the programs and satisfy the prerequisites at a shorter time while paying less tuition.

Tuition is $3,500 (US dollar) per semester ($7,000 per year) for online programs and $6,000 per semester ($12,000 per year) for campus-based programs. Campus based programs include 2 months of internship in a student clinic (per semester) where applicable. There is no hidden fee. All other costs (portable hard drive, transcripts, printed degree certificate, exam fees) are included in the tuition.

Our programs are available to everyone across the world, no matter where they are from. Health professionals receive advanced credits allowing them to earn some of our degree programs at a shorter time while paying less tuition.

NUMSS (USA) graduates of our two osteopathic manual practice programs can either open a manual osteopathic care clinic or seek employment in rehabilitation, medical, massage & physiotherapy clinics everywhere including USA (all states), Canada (all provinces), South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. Alumni can employ a number of techniques to help patients such as cranial osteopathy, visceral manipulation, osteoarticular techniques, muscle energy techniques, balanced ligamentous tension, positional facilitated release, strain/counterstrain, Still’s, etc.
Our graduates are permitted to work in all Canadian provinces, American states, and all European, African & Asian countries (In Canada & USA our graduates must call themselves osteopathic manual practitioners as the term osteopath is reserved for American style osteopathic physicians who also do surgery and prescribe medications).

NUMSS (USA) is accepted as a “University outside Canada” by the Canadian government. As such our Canadian students can receive up to $5000 in tuition and textbooks tax credits from the Canadian Revenue Agency. Our tuition is also tax deductible as a business expense.

NUMSS (USA) is accepted by many associations. Our graduates can join as members associations such as American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), British Herbal Medicine Association, The Association of MBAs in Canada, The British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences, Ontario Osteopathic & Alternative Medicine Association (that is accepted by most insurers), College of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners of Ontario, Asociation des ostéopathes Regroupement des Intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecine Alternative, Ontario Association of Osteopathy & Alternative Medicine, Alliance Canadienne de Médecine Alternative , British Columbia College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences, Collège des Ostéopathes Canadiens, Canadian Manual Osteopathy Examining Board, International Osteopathy Examining Board, International Osteopathic Association, Society of Osteopaths of Canada, Tribal Health Care Administration & Licensing of the North Carolina Nottaway Tribal Community, Ontario Association of Osteopathic Practitioners, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, & Alberta College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences among others.

To help your patients more and to set yourself apart from competitors, earn your degree in osteopathic manual practice now. Next class starts in September 2016.

Those wishing to study other programs offered by the two other schools founded by our president, Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO (Spain), PhD should contact National University of Medical Sciences Spain ( or National Academy of Osteopathy in Canada ( Both schools offer online as well on-campus programs in many countries.

To receive our information package which includes NUMSS (USA) academic calendar and application form please send an email to

Thank you.

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