Wednesday, 27 April 2016

We Graduate the Best Osteopathic Manual Practitioners!

We just read a post a patient put about osteopathic manual practitioner Mark Filipov, one of our students in Quebec (Canada). Letters like this makes us so proud. Our graduates are instant success, because we teach them everything we know about business and they learn more techniques than any other schools. (In Quebec, our graduates are permitted to call themselves osteopaths. In the rest of Canada as well as the States our graduates must use the title osteopathic manual practitioner).

Bia Fabia
April 25 at 7:54pm ·
I just had the most amazing Osteopath appointment. I finally found the best Osteopath. I have gone through 4 different Osteopaths in the past 6 months. This guy Mark Filipov is simply amazing. He is on the West Island. Check out his website and call for an appointment. Tell him Bia sent you.

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